The Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis

is proud to present

Judith Grimes Bertacchi, MEd, LSW

with its fourth annual

Johanna Tabin Public Service Award

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Judith Grimes Bertacchi, MEd, LSW, has been awarded the 2014 Johanna Tabin Public Service Award.  She will receive her award during the upcoming Fridays@CCP lecture by Sue Grand, PhD, which will occur on 2 May 2014 at 7:00 pm at 325 North Wells St. in Chicago.  Please come and help us to salute Ms. Bertacchi’s achievements as part of our closing Fridays@CCP event for the academic year.

Judith Grimes Bertacchi, MEd, LSW, graduated from Erikson Institute for Advanced Studies in Child Development, and served as a trustee for the school from 1991 to 2003. She was a founding member and the second president for the Illinois Association for Infant Mental Health. Early in her career, Judith participated in a psychoanalytic study group on early development, psychological structures, and clinical interventions while working at Virginia Frank Child Development Center. Over her 28-year tenure at the center, Judith moved from staff member to supervisor to director, overseeing therapy and counseling for families, individual treatment of children, an intensive daily therapeutic nursery, and preventive outreach work with center, hospital, and community based infant and toddler programs. In 1994, Judith became a member of the Executive Team at Ounce of Prevention Fund in Chicago. Throughout her career, Judith has been sharing her knowledge and experience with students at Erikson Institute, Institute for Clinical Social Work, the University of Chicago School of Social Work, and medical students in their Psychiatry rotation at the University of Illinois. She is a nationally renowned consultant on Reflective Supervision to agencies and institutions. Judith has also published and edited pieces on Reflective Supervision and Practice for the national organization, Zero to Three. She was elected to the CCP Board in 2013.

The Tabin Award was created in honor of Johanna Tabin, PhD, one of the founders of the Chicago Center for Psychoanalysis.  It is bestowed annually upon an individual who has made a significant contribution toward promoting mental health and mental health treatment, as these intersect with broader social concerns.  The psychoanalytic community, including CCP, has too often neglected its obligation to advocate strongly for the rights of all to mental health services that are accessible, humane and usable.  With this award, we make our commitment to this principle explicit and strong.  We fully intend that this award be the start of a broader effort and that, inspired by the devotion and hard work of people like Judith Grimes Bertacchi, all of us at CCP will participate vigorously in assuring that people have the support they need to live lives of meaning and fulfillment.



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